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iPhone 13 Is Similar To iPhone 12 In Drop Tests

iPhone 13

After the first user tests of the iPhone 13 family, there is now an assessment of the durability / resistance of the new smartphones. However, Apple has not changed much – the iPhone 13 is also not better or worse protected from damage.

This is reported by MacRumors. From the outside, Apple has only made relatively few design changes to the iPhone 13 series – apart from the camera structure. The new devices also continue to have the same robust Ceramic Shield front to protect the display, a glass back and flat edges on the sides. It should therefore be interesting for many new buyers how the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max behave in the event of a fall.

Same design comes with similar problems

The people at Allstate Protection Plans have now carried out their annual drop tests with the new iPhone 13 and 13 Pro models and published the results. In doing so, they found that due to the similar design, the iPhone 13 models are comparable to the iPhone 12 models when it comes to durability.

In a drop test with the display facing down and without the case, the iPhone 13 survived a single case with only minor damage, but broke the top and bottom corners on the second drop test. The iPhone 13 Pro broke the bottom in the first drop test, and those are the same results Allstate Protection Plans reported on the iPhone 12 models. It’s not surprising. In a back-down drop test, the iPhone 13 survived almost unscathed. It only had small cracks along one of the cameras and the corner. The iPhone 13 Pro shattered after being dropped, and that too reflects the results Allstate Protection Plans got with the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro.

Apple Cases Protect The Device

This year, Allstate Protection Plans also ran drop tests to see how well the iPhones are protected in Apple’s silicone and leather MagSafe cases. These results are a pretty good advertisement for the cases, because with the silicone case, the iPhone 13 survived three consecutive falls back down with just a small scratch on a camera lens. When dropped face down, the iPhone 13 broke on the second case.

In the leather case, the iPhone 13 Pro survived three drops with no damage when it fell backside down, but it broke face down on the first drop. It is therefore better to put on a protective film.

“The Apple iPhone 13 series was seen more as a product development than a revolution, and we have found that this also applies to durability,” said an Allstate Protection Plan employee. “In our first test of an Apple case with MagSafe, we found that both silicone and leather protect the phones very well if they fall on the back, but not as well if they fall with the display down. As the Repairing the back of the iPhone 13 Pro costs up to $ 549, so a case is a must.

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