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iPhone 13 Mini Would Be The Last Apple Mini iPhone

Smartphones have gotten bigger and bigger in the past few years and a bigger display has many advantages. But there are users who prefer a small device. But it’s not at all easy these days to find a smartphone that is less than six inches – like the iPhone 13 Mini.

Bad sales are the reason

But in the future, it could or should become more difficult to get a device with a smaller display, at least if you want a full-fledged and new Apple smartphone. Because the iPhone 13 Mini could be the last of its kind, there could or should no longer be such a 5.4-inch device as early as next year. The reason is simple: low interest, so bad sales.

This means that the history of the mini versions of the regular iPhone releases should come to an end after just two years. Because for the first time there was such a mini last year. The iPhone 12 Mini is aimed at those users who prefer small and compact phones that can be easily operated with one hand.

But apparently, this target group represents a very small minority because for many the smartphone is the central point of contact for communication and entertainment – and a large display is of course more than convenient.

According to Apple expert Jon Prosser, the iPhone 13 Mini will be the last of its kind. The leaker and insider, therefore, advises everyone who prefers this size to buy now or with this model and not to rely on the fact that there will be a comparable 5.4-inch iPhone next year.

However, the mini-off is not really surprising, because the iPhone 12 Mini was already considered a flop. And that should have been pretty clear because some were surprised that Apple was still throwing the iPhone 13 Mini on the market.

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