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iPhone 13 Pro Camera Switch Has A Problem

The Pro models of the iPhone 13 are equipped with a macro mode that automatically switches the camera sensors. As can be seen in operation, this function can lead to severe image skipping. Apple has to submit a solution via update.

The automatic macro mode does not look good in every situation

If you move the cameras of the new iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max up to around 13 centimeters, the sensor modules of the smartphones automatically switch to the ultra-wide-angle camera intended for macro shots. What at first, glance might seem like a very practical function can, under certain circumstances, turn into annoying problems in everyday life.

Because the smartphone is moved within this distance from the subject, the iPhone cannot really decide which camera module it should really activate. These repeated switching processes in turn ensure that the search image jumps back and forth between clearly different image sections – Input demonstrated this effect very well in a short video – we have linked it in this article.

There is also a switch in photo mode

In video mode, in which the problem is most evident near the switching distance, Apple provides a switch that deactivates the automatic switch to the hardware for macro recordings. Exactly this possibility is currently not available in photo mode. Pleasing: Apple has already announced that they have recognized the problem and want to submit a corresponding switch via software update. However, this will probably take a little more time, so far we have only spoken of “autumn” in terms of availability.

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