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iPhone 13 Pro Vs iPhone 12 Pro Max Major Design Difference

It will still take several months before the official unveiling of the next generation of iPhones, despite we have been informed about almost all the details about the upcoming iPhone 13 series, but it is never too early to continue fueling the flow of rumors about future devices. To do so further was the Unbox Therapy YouTube channel which published a new video in which the main protagonist is the model of the iPhone 13 Pro Max compared with the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

It’s worth mentioning here that the new iPhone 13 Pro Max is not a working device but the inevitable dummy unit that is built – even many months in advance of the product launch – on the basis of information obtainable from leaked CAD files and/or indiscretions. The main purpose of these items is to give an idea of ​​what the final look might be and to allow accessory manufacturers to start developing them.

Compared to the 3D printed model unveiled in mid-April, the protagonist of the new video is much more refined, but the elements that for the moment mark the main differences from the iPhone 12 range do not change much. The dimensions of the notch have been reduced thanks to the repositioning of the headset which in the new model is located higher, as evidenced by the slot of the headset now adjacent to the upper edge. According to the information obtainable from the model, the notch of the iPhone 13 Pro Max measures 26.31mm wide – that of the iPhone 12 Pro Max is 34.62mm wide.

At the rear of the body there is the other perceptible difference: the camera always includes a triple module, the arrangement of the lenses is the same, but the individual modules are slightly larger than those of the iPhone 12 Pro Max and also the square element that encloses them occupies a greater portion of the back cover.

What about the rest? The rest can be summed up with a “line of continuity in design” with the current iPhone 12 Pro Max, meaning that, if this information proves correct, Apple will not make radical changes in the aesthetics of its iPhones this year. It is worth remembering that there is no absolute certainty that the iPhone 13 Pro Max will be exactly like the model just unveiled; at the moment it represents a good synthesis of all the rumors spread so far. Further details in the video that follows, while for the actual announcement it will be necessary to take into account await that will extend until next autumn.

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