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iPhone 15 Design Should Follow MacBook

There are new rumors surrounding the design of the iPhone 15 almost a year before its launch. Apparently, Apple wants to combine the current design language with elements of the design of the MacBook series in the next generation of its smartphones.

The Twitter user ShrimpApplePro reports, probably citing sources from the supply chain, that Apple wants to use a revised design for the iPhone 15 and its more expensive sister models, in which the shape of the housing changes slightly. Supposedly they are planning to say goodbye to the completely flat back.

Instead, it is currently being considered that Apple will use a flat front for the new devices, but will round off the edges on the back so that the new iPhone generation should basically be reminiscent of the iPhone 5C, which was still made of plastic at the time. Apparently, the focus here is primarily on the design of the cases in the current MacBook models based on the M1 and M2 SoCs.

Some time ago, Apple switched its notebooks to a design with a flat, sharp-edged top and perfectly rounded edges on the bottom. The US computer company is now allegedly pursuing exactly this approach with the iPhone 15. The current iPhone models are still based on the design that has been common for several model generations, in which the edges on the top and bottom of the smartphone are “cut straight”.

Some providers of Android-based devices have now adapted this concept for their products, after all, Apple has once again set the standard in terms of design. As usual, the new information on the design of the iPhone 15 should be treated with some caution.

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