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iPhone SE 3 Could Attract Billions Of Android Users

iPhone SE 3

JP Morgan analysts have made an interesting and bold prediction for the new iPhone SE (2022). According to the opinion of financial experts, more than 1.4 billion and thus half of Android users worldwide could switch to the new iPhone.

The new iPhone SE (2022) is the first budget smartphone from Apple that could be equipped with 5G connectivity. This is certainly an innovation that many have wished for and which also makes the device more interesting for many than the previous SE smartphones. The financial expert names the 5G feature as the main reason for the change. The claim that 1.4 billion Android users are switching to Apple as a result still sounds a bit utopian.

Even if the inexpensive iPhone offers a good alternative to Android smartphones and does not hit the wallet too much, Chaterjee (via Reuters ) seems to be overestimating itself. Google itself states that more than 3 billion devices in the world run on Android. Every second Android user would have to switch to an iPhone SE in order to meet the forecast. I myself also use an Android smartphone and could not imagine ever switching to Apple.

A bold prediction – how realistic is it?

So far, little information is known about the new entry-level model from Apple. Only the design, which is strongly reminiscent of the iPhone SE 20 and the 5G compatibility, are as good as safe. The SE-iPhones were brought into being by Apple in order to offer an inexpensive variant to the otherwise quite expensive alternatives – without having to forego Apple technology and especially iOS 15. With the improved iPhone 8 design of the SE 20, the new SE 2022 should also appear. As a result, it is not only smaller than the “big siblings”, but also much lighter.

As a financial analyst for a bank like JP Morgan, you have a lot of power in the stock market. A single prediction can result in businesses losing billions of dollars. Samik Chaterjee is a highly respected analyst who has been proven right many times in the past. But how realistic are his statements this time?

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