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IT companies direly need leadership: A story of catastrophic failure of process management

Running some business or dealing with people is not an easy job! Yes, that’s true, it is not. But somehow it’s doable.

I have been in IT Industry for 6–7 years now, worked with some of the world’s big names, but most my experience is working with local It companies here in Pakistan. Pakistani IT Industry is no doubt growing very fast but almost all tech leaders here in Pakistan don’t even know how to tackle with hard times, the main reason is that they are just striving for making lots of lot leaves of money, they are not thinking to help humanity and solve the real issues using technology, they are just money makers. Sometimes one should be more human than to be right.

Let’s dig in deep the below scenario to understand things in real fashion.
A Conversation between so-called “Boss” and his amazing technically creative employee.

BOSS: John Good Afternoon! Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to chat with me.
Employee: What is this all about Sir? You have never invited me like this in your office before, it seems some kind of urgency.

BOSS: Yes! You are our brilliant employee, I want to discuss some serious matters with you.

Employee: About what? Can you just please explain?

BOSS: We are facing bad times financially as you know.
Employee: Bad times? Yes, I have an idea about this, so are you firing me?
BOSS: No not at all! But we prefer you to think of it “as a volunteer reduction in headcount”.
Employee: But if I refuse to volunteer?
BOSS: John! But that decision is already been made for you and some others and we are offering a generous services packages to all of you, “A one month Salary”.
Employee: But in the contract, there is one month notice period and as per law this is your responsibility to pay the salary of that notice period so don’t be generous.
BOSS: Try to understand this is really the best interest of all parties.
Employee: How is it in my best interest? I am fired, sir!.
BOSS: Just think about all the extra time you will have to spend with your family.
Employee: Why are you doing this to me? I am not even in the sales dept. and I am performing well enough.
BOSS: As I said we are right-sizing our workforce due to mismanaged expectation around top-line revenue growth.
Employee: But aren’t you the CEO of the company and takes part in sales too? isn’t this your job to manage expectations?

BOSS: It is, and I have done quite a good job, I spend my time listening to our top customers, talk about what keeps them up at nights.

Employee: Not having a job is going to keep me up at night. How is this my fault? you are the one who should be stepped down from your position or sacrifice big numbers you are getting because you are not good at what you are doing.

BOSS: Listen, Son, I have over 30 years of experience in delivering measurable results.

Employee: 30 years of experience so how old are you?

BOSS: I am 42 years old.

Employee: That makes no sense, There is no way you are selling enterprise software when you were only twelve.

BOSS: That is other than what we are discussing here. This conversation is affectedly over. Please consider this your last day here once you finished your last assignment.

Employee: Why should now I even bother to complete that assignment?

BOSS: If you don’t finish it, I will be in a position where I cannot offer you the last month salary.

Employee: I don’t even know what to say right now, I was treated here on both extremes, At times I was only “The most effective employee of the company” and now you cannot offer me the last month salary if I don’t complete last assignment, although you are the responsible for all these financial crises to the company.

BOSS: Say thank you! and complete your assignment ASAP in order to get your last month salary.

That is it!


“Leadership is about the Heart Count, not the Head Count”- Simon Sinek

Great leaders will sacrifice the numbers to save the people, not the other way around. Too many times in today’s competitive environment, we see companies laying their staff off. Simon shares a brilliant story about a company that when faced with having to save $10 million didn’t choose to lay off staff, but went down a different path. The result — morale went up and they saved $20 million.

So Lastly: Leadership is about trust and co-operation. Pakistani technology leaders should think about this, I personally request them not to set examples for the youngster and don’t go for money-making schemes, go for hearts, you will see

the results not coming your way but following you.


Contributed by Saad Bilal Technology Enthusiast.

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