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It’s now easier to repair your Pixel tablet

So, if you dropped or damaged your Pixel tablet, you surely have the option to replace it or send it back. As per information from 9to5Google, there’s also a chance to get it fixed, as Google is providing you with repair guides to fix your Pixel Tablet.

As per the major partnership between Google and Samsung with iFixit, these companies now aim to provide genuine phone parts for users for device repairs. If you have some initial knowledge of technology, you can get your device fixed at even cheaper rates. All you need are service charges. This partnership will give you access to the oldest phone parts, as old as the Pixel 2.

Repair guides for your Pixel Tablet

This partnership is extended to the Pixel tablet, which will provide cheaper solutions other than sending your device for repair. But the available parts can be pricey as the size of the device is large. Screen replacement will cost you $200, whereas it’s $199 for the backplate. Although it’s a high price, it includes a power button, microphones, antennas, and a volume rocker.

Smaller components like the battery (7020 mAh) will cost you $59.99, $24 for a USB port, and $25 for a speaker. For replacing any one of these parts of your device, you can follow repair guides to fix it. These instructions are easy to follow and can be used if you don’t understand many technical aspects. Although you can still send your device to Google to get it fixed.

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