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WhatsApp Channels are getting a worldwide roll out for Android users

WhatsApp channels are available for users all around the world. For the latest broadcasting feature, the platform has announced plans to launch it in about 150 countries. This feature has been under testing among a few people for the past few months. Channels on WhatsApp work similarly to those on Telegram. You can follow brands, organizations, sports teams, creators, and many other kinds of influencers on the platform to receive updates. Through the channels, they may communicate with their audience and share information, such as their most recent creations and news. An equivalent function was implemented for Instagram earlier this year.

Under the Updates tab, which has taken on the role of Status in the bottom navigation bar, WhatsApp displays your subscribed channels. Channels are listed vertically beneath the statuses, which are displayed in a horizontal bar at the top. There is another horizontal carousel of suggested channels at the bottom. From there, you may directly follow channels, hit “See all” to locate more, or manually search for a channel. The floating pen and camera buttons are still present despite the Status tab’s extensive redesign.

WhatsApp channels are getting many other features as well

WhatsApp has expanded its distribution and enhanced its channels with new features. You can now find channels that could be more relevant to you thanks to an improved directory. Your country-specific channel recommendations are now made by the app. To find popular channels from a particular nation, you may also manually choose a nation. The lists can also be filtered in WhatsApp depending on popularity, activity, and other factors.

In July, WhatsApp updated its beta version to include reactions for Channels. Everyone can now use the function. A broadcast message includes a total reaction count. However, your reaction is hidden from other followers. You can use WhatsApp to forward messages to groups and other people from channels. A link back to the channel will be included in forwarded messages.

WhatsApp also intends to offer channels and an edit option. According to the company, administrators can change communications for up to 30 days after they are sent. After that, WhatsApp servers automatically delete all messages. Making a channel for everyone is one of the additional features that are being considered. According to a press statement from WhatsApp, “This is just the beginning. We’ll continue to add more features and expand Channels based on feedback we get from users.”

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