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John Wick Movie Is Transforming into a video Game

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John Wick Movie series is a popular gunfight movie which has released three movies so far is not being transformed into a video game by Lionsgate Games.

The game named John Wick Hex is a fast-paced combat game with top-down strategy, the creator of the game Mike Bithell tells more about upcoming John Wick Hex to BBC. Bithell has received an award at BAFTA games and well known for the games “Thomas Was Alone”, “Volume” and “Sub-surface Circular”.

Bithell said, “We have decided to focus on the tactical strategic elements of the franchise. When I am watching John Wick, I enjoy it as an action movie along with stunt choreography and the amazing ballet dance of the whole thing. So we decided to make a game focused on that, focusing on logic and internal rules of that universe, which are obviously great for a video game.” When asked why not just make a noisy first-person shooter game or third-person shooter with some kind of bullet-time mechanic,

Bithell said, “Obviously it’s a good way of creating the game, however, there are a bunch of these types of shooter games out there, but I think John Wick’s shooting is logical there is more logic and reasoning and strategy to his fight scenes which makes it different from other action movies.

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