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Kaspersky: Employees Should Resign If They Want To Leave Russia

While many people for whom the Moscow regime is making life increasingly difficult have left Russia, Kaspersky security staff will have to stay if they want to keep their jobs. In principle, it should not be a big problem for the company if, for example, developers want to work from a different location.

The company has 35 branches in 31 countries. Nevertheless, according to information from the American magazine, it is for Russian workers motherboard not possible to move to another country. According to reports, several sources have independently confirmed that management has advised employees to stop if they plan to leave Russia. At least that was the message when employees asked to be transferred internally to another branch abroad. This attitude permeates the management and naturally comes from the top.

The group’s founder, Eugene Kaspersky, is less concerned with wanting to support the Moscow government’s stance. He seems rather see it as a lack of loyalty to himself if employees no longer want to live in Russia under the given circumstances. “If the captain stays on the ship, the team must also stay on the ship. It doesn’t matter what the weather is,” the boss is said to have explained during a work meeting when participants there raised the possibility of a transfer.

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“I was only asked to resign because I decided to flee Russia after February 24, when I could easily continue working remotely,” one of the former employees told Motherboard. “Why did I want to flee? It’s very simple. I don’t agree with what’s happening here.

I feel guilty and responsible for all these crazy murders. This war is a disaster.” In addition, life in Russia has completely changed since February 24. This ranges from the deteriorating supply caused by the sanctions to the ever-increasing reprisals against anyone who violates the regime.

That was the reason for many to think about leaving their homeland. It was of course a disappointing experience that there was no support from the company for this. However, the company denies this. Accordingly, employees – including those from the Russian offices – could request transfers worldwide. In any case, this is possible if there is a corresponding position that must be filled. However, simply doing the previous work from a different location does not seem an option.

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