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Korea, Brazil And Mexico Hold Top 3 Positions For Mobile App Usage

The first thing that one does as they wake up is check WhatsApp messages, Facebook posts, Instagram photos and Snapchat stories. Every day a new app with a distinct feature is introduced for the users. Smartphone Applications have globally changed and diversified societies.

In this new world, Korean nation spend the most time using various applications on their smartphones, as per a survey.

There is a research firm called App Annie which found out that on an average Korean spend almost 200 minutes per day on smart phone apps. The app usage firm also found out that after Korea, Brazil is the second most mobile app usage country spending more than 180 minutes per day on smartphones. Mexico got the third position in this department, as Mexicans use 180 minutes per day on mobile applications. Japan, India and USA hold the 4th, 5th and 6th position.

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In Korea most of the people use games and sports related mobile apps. On the other hand, in Brazil and Mexico social media and communication apps account for 50% of their time spend on smartphone.

It was also seen that in Korea time spend on applications has just increased from 165 minutes in 2015 to 180 minutes in 2017.

The survey by App Annie also displayed how users use almost 30 apps per month and 9 apps daily.

Mobile application and their usage define the change that is coming in our society. It is both positive and negative but the world is definitely not the same as it was a decade ago.

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