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LastPass suggests that customers should modify their master passwords

Nearly all the services, sites, and accounts set up require passwords. Given this high requirement, it is nearly impossible to memorize the passwords for various platforms. But thanks to the password managers that make our lives easy. a number of apps and services for password management are available. But just a few among them are capable of providing a good experience. One is the LastPass. Since it is freely available to everyone. But unfortunately, it appears like LastPass has become a target of cybercriminals.

LastPass mentioned that a third party has gained access to its cloud-based storage service. This site was utilized by LastPass to manage the customer vault data. In simpler words, the LastPass vault that stores information like website logins, credit card numbers, and others is under threat. It is prone to backups by cybercriminals.

LastPass stated that if the customers previously used a strong master password, then their data is safe. Since the master password is not easier to interpret. Because it is based on 256-bit encryption. Besides this, the company is requesting that users modify their passwords in order to ensure safety and security. Furthermore, the company mentioned that users should not use the master password of LastPass on other sites. Given the fact that if such passwords were compromised before, they would become an easy target for malicious activities. Thus, making the access to LastPass account easier.

Moreover, the company is urging users to change the passwords they have stored in the app. It is a difficult task. But users will have to do it in order to secure their data and privacy. This scenario gives us a glimpse that there is not any foolproof method to save sensitive data. We recommend our readers take all the needful and protect their data at the earliest.

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