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Latest Chromecast with Google TV is in the pipeline

Chromecast and Google TV are one of the amazing gadget combinations that provide a small form factor as well as full Google TV support. It comes with pocket-friendly offers. A 4K model as well as a 1080p device were excellent examples of this device, and now we have word of another new model on the way.

A preview version of the device was available on the Google Home app, which verified the latest Chromecast with Google TV device, dubbed YTC. The real model of the device was named YTV, whereas the HD model is known as YTB.

Although there wasn’t much information about the device, we can say it could prove to be a replacement for the 4K-toting version. In September 2020, the original version of this device was launched, whereas the 1080p model was launched in 2022. So in the time frame for this, we are expecting a 4K refresh.

We are hoping that this latest model will be able to support AV1 decoding, allowing us to enjoy a higher-quality stream with similar bandwidth or maintain the quality with lower bandwidth. Google is working on increasing AV1 adoption in both of its products, including Android TV devices and Android itself.

On the other hand, Chromecast storage with Google TV has been reduced. We hope that the company will incorporate more internal storage or provide us multiple options for expanding storage, such as a slot for a microSD card or another port for USB-C devices.

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