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Several third-party Twitter apps aren’t working

Users are unable to log in as a result of communication problems between a number of third-party Twitter applications and the social network. According to TechCrunch, Tweetbot and Twitterific have both acknowledged that they are experiencing issues and are working to identify the cause of the problem. Tweetbot stated that it had contacted Twitter for more information but had not received a response.

Fenix has also acknowledged that while their iOS app appears to be unaffected, their Android client is having issues. The app’s creator, Matteo Villa, claimed that the corporation has halted Fenix for Android with no explanation. Villa posted a screenshot of a notification stating that Fenix had been blocked because it “violated Twitter rules and regulations.” The app has been removed from Google’s Play Store while they investigate the issue.

Users have been seeing difficulties, such as “account verification failed,” that stop them from being able to enter the app, according to a notice published by Twitter in Japanese. Echofon, Feather, and Talon clients also appear to be having problems.

Through any of its official statements, Twitter has not yet made a statement. A contributor on the Twitter Developer forum said that since December, there have been numerous issues with the Twitter API for third-party apps. The actual reason why third-party apps haven’t been able to access the social network is unknown, and since Twitter no longer has a communications team, not even the affected developers have heard from the business directly.

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