latest images of an unknown Motorola phone just revealed

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Although Motorola has already released some intriguing phones this year, Evan Blass, via GSM Arena, claims that the company is not quite done. A picture of an unidentified Motorola phone has surfaced online. Even if there isn’t a lot of information accessible regarding this device, we may still learn a little bit from the photograph.

The Motorola Razr+ is one of the most intriguing smartphones Motorola has released this year. This is the most recent clamshell folding phone from the firm. The phone’s huge outside display is its most prominent feature. Most of the outer panel is covered, and you may run complete apps without having to open it. The Razr+ is available for $999.

A picture of an unidentified Motorola phone appears

It is clear from the device’s appearance that it won’t be a flagship. The phone, with the model number XT-2417, will undoubtedly be more cost-effective. There is no fancy metal or glass back plate in this design. It appears that the back is comprised of a matte plastic substance. Though we can clearly distinguish where the rear plate ends and the frame starts, it almost appears to be a unibody design.

We can see a small camera island in the upper-left corner of the back. Like what you’d see from an Oppo phone, the island rises gradually from the rear plate. Although we can see that it has two cameras, we are unaware of their specifications. The main camera will only have a 50MP resolution; that much is certain. On the bottom right of the island, we can also make out the LED flash.

The power and volume buttons are located on the right side of the phone, as is customary for Motorola devices. The SIM/SD card tray is probably on the left side because the rest of the right side is empty. The phone’s front bezels are very standard for today’s smartphones. They aren’t on the level of an iPhone or Galaxy S phone, but they are also not the worst. The punch hole in the center is visible at the top. There is currently nothing additional visible in the image that we can deduce. To be sure, we must wait for additional details.

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