Latest Sony Xperia smartphone to be launched next week

Sony Xperia

In a recent post via the brand’s X page, it was clarified that the latest Sony Xperia is almost ready for launch. The launch is all set to happen on September 1. The event will be live streamed via Sony’s official YouTube channel. Although there was no information regarding the device. This left users in the dark, and they have no idea what to expect. However, based on the photographs provided, it may be safe to assume that this device is a smartphone because it appears to display a smartphone’s back camera lens.

Many can claim that this launch event would introduce an already existing product to the worldwide market because there are few specifics available about the product. That isn’t the case, though, as the company still has one more significant product in its lineup that hasn’t been released. That gadget is none other than this year’s Xperia 5 series offering.

Sony Xperia 5V will be in competition in a few days

Internet users have already had a chance to see the Xperia 1 V and 10 V smartphones. The former is the more reasonably priced option, whereas the former is Sony’s most expensive and feature-rich smartphone. The upcoming Xperia 5 V will fall somewhere between the 1 V and the 10 V in terms of price and feature set.

A promotional film for this item made its way online sometime last month. This footage was obtained by a Reddit user who shared it in their post. The dual camera configuration and Sony finish of this handset were showcased in this video.

The video’s aesthetic and color scheme are consistent with the picture Sony posted on their X page. Although nothing is known about the upcoming device’s features, it will be a flagship model. It is evident from this device’s Geekbench listing that the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 CPU will be used at launch.

It would also debut with a 16-GB RAM capacity that could be combined with up to 1TB of storage. It has also been reported that this smartphone will feature 33-watt rapid charging. With this charging speed, a 5000 mAh battery that was present in the prior model might be charged.

This might be a very small device with a screen less than 6.5 inches, in keeping with traditional Sony style. This device will perform better and have more storage capacity than its predecessor.

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