Android Runtime is now 30% faster

The most recent upgrade to Google’s Android Runtime (ART) can dramatically speed up the operating system’s app launch time. Additionally, ART now has the capacity to independently update itself via the Google Play platform.

Since the debut of the first iOS version, Apple has used a quicker app launch as a competitive advantage because it has a major positive impact on the user experience. When it comes to Android, people occasionally gripe about how slowly some apps launch. Google has updated the Android Runtime to resolve this.

As an aside, your Android device’s ability to launch applications is due to the Android Runtime. Since Android version 12, ART has gotten its updates through Google Play. It can receive independent upgrades with ART 14 without further assistance.

The Android Runtime (ART), which serves as the Android OS’s heart, is improved by Google Play system updates. The basic OpenJDK APIs are standardized across a wide range of devices, including all Android 12+ and soon Android Go devices, and these updates improve performance and deliver the most recent security patches. Google Product Manager Serban Constantinescu stated this in a blog post.

Google updates Android Runtime to be 30% faster app launch

More efficient ART led to a faster app launch that’ll result in a better user experience. As claimed by Google, Android Runtime will bring 30% faster app launches. This will be a better app launch as it’ll enhance memory usage, efficient bytecode compilation, and security fixes that will be available on your device through the ART 14 update.

The testing process for the forthcoming Android Runtime version, according to Constantinescu, includes “18 million APKs and running app compatibility tests, as well as startup, performance, and memory benchmarks on a variety of Android devices that replicate the diversity of our ecosystem as closely as possible.”

In the upcoming months, ART 14 will be made available to all compatible devices. The package features runtime optimizations for improved performance and smaller code sizes, as well as support for OpenJDK 17 and a new compiler.

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