WhatsApp is testing avatar reactions for Status updates

WhatsApp keeps updating its user platform to enhance user’s experiences. Even though we don’t always agree with the decisions made by the developers, WhatsApp has generally done a good job of keeping up with competing messaging services, especially considering the sheer number of users it has. Since last year, users of the chat app have had the option to send emoji responses while reacting to an Android Status. The Meta-owned app is now aiming to somewhat enhance this functionality by permitting users to send their avatars as reactions.

As per information via WABetaInfo, you’re allowed to select among avatars just like emojis. This feature was supposed to be available in version of WhatsApp Beta for Android. Just like other updates, this one will also be unavailable for the public just yet.

Users should have the option to switch to avatar reactions next to the current selection of emoji reactions when it becomes generally available, as illustrated above. The screenshot shows the most popular set of reactions; however, there are only six shown rather than the site’s recommended eight.

Avatars undoubtedly provide a more personalized touch than simple emoji reactions, so we anticipate that this feature will eventually be made available to beta testers before making an appearance in a future stable edition.

Even though WhatsApp for Android beta v2.23.18.9 is currently available through the Google Play Store, I discovered that the visibility of this new avatar reaction functionality is not certain. Thoughtful visual changes have been made to WhatsApp Status reactions, and frequent users would like to interact with them.

A new animation was recently added to WhatsApp’s ever-expanding range of features to indicate the transition between audio and video chats, or vice versa. Users of the chat app may now share HD films and high-definition photos with their friends, which is a welcome feature when sending compressed (low-quality) images or videos is impractical.

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