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Leak: New WatchOS Apps Appeared On App Store

WatchOS apps

Shortly before the start of the WWDC developer conference, new details about the upcoming WatchOS version 8 were made public. A leak shows which apps the wearable operating system brings with it. In the next few days, Apple should present the OS.

According to a report by MacRumors, developer Khaos Tian has discovered clues in the App Store that point to new native applications for Apple WatchOS 8. According to a manifest file, the tips and contacts app for the smartwatch should appear. The file lists “com.apple.NanoTips” and “com.Apple.NanoContacts”. Nano is the internal code name for Apple Watch applications.

‘Mind’ is supposed to replace the breathing app

In addition, the name “com.Apple.Mind” can be found in the document. This is an app that has not yet been offered by the company. Since there is no specific code name here, the corresponding applications should be available on various Apple platforms such as WatchOS and iOS. According to Mark Gurman, the Mind app is a new version of the breathing app. Why Apple decided to release the functions under a new branding is unclear.

Find My Devices as a standalone app?

The last new name in the manifest file “com.apple.findmy.finditems” indicates that Apple could provide its tracking service as a standalone app.

Previously, the standalone “Tips” and “Contacts” apps were available exclusively for iPhones. In WatchOS 7, the features were accommodated in the operating system. With WatchOS 8 that should change. Apple is likely to present further details at its developer conference.