Leak Suggests OnePlus 8T High-End Smartphone Will Record 8K Videos

OnePlus 8T

In some accidents, it is difficult to believe that there was a real mistake. One example of this is the latest “leak” that the Chinese manufacturer OnePlus has made. The OnePlus 8T expected in October has now been previewed – in an official OnePlus app.

As the colleagues from the XDA-Developers report, one of their community members found a picture of the new OnePlus 8T during a detailed teardown of the latest OxygenOS 11 beta. The device is obviously stored in the ROM in the form of a rendered image that shows the front of the new smartphone and even bears the file name oneplus_8t.webp.

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The image is part of the About Phone menu, as OnePlus has been using on its smartphones for years. It is displayed when the operating system detects that the respective host device is an OnePlus 8T. That it is actually the OnePlus 8T has meanwhile been confirmed by an appropriately informed source.

New video mode for 8K recordings

The code of the ROM also shows that OnePlus is working on a new camera mode that will enable the recording of videos with 8K resolution. Such a function is simply not available in OnePlus OxygenOS and is only made possible by using the latest high-end processors from Qualcomm. The image of the OnePlus 8T from the code also reveals a few details about the smartphone itself. The cheaper of the new devices, which will probably appear again in parallel with the OnePlus 8T Pro, will obviously have a flat display and again in a housing with a metal frame stuck.

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The front camera is in the top left of the display and, in addition to the volume buttons on the left, there is also the OnePlus-typical alert slider on the right. The presentation of the new OnePlus 8T series is expected in early October.