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Leak: Tesla will allow choosing between a square or round steering wheel

According to a report, Tesla should now give its customers the choice of whether the new Model X and new Model S come with a classic steering wheel or with a futuristic yoke system, as known from airplanes or race cars. That reports that Online magazine Electrek referred to a discovery made by Tesla hacker and Twitter user “Green the Only”. For example, he was browsing the new Tesla software and came across a new choice.

At the steering wheel, you can check “Lap” or “Yoke” in the settings. Therefore, Green surmised that Tesla will let buyers choose between the two steering wheel options. Green could have confirmed other rumors through his software analysis, and chances are he’s right this time.

The new steering wheel could be dangerous

When Tesla introduced the updated Model S and Model X with the controversial square wheel, CEO Elon Musk was surprised to say that Tesla had no plans to offer the regular round wheel. Concerns were raised, fearing that the shape of the handlebars could be problematic in many situations – if only because handling needs to be practiced first.

What does the change indicate?

Now, in the latest software release, it looks like Tesla may change its mind on this. On the Tesla website, on the other hand, you cannot make a selection when ordering. However, the selection in the software can also indicate something completely different. Shortly after the presentation of the yoke handlebar, German experts had doubts about whether such a handlebar could be approved in Europe in general.

All just guesses

It is therefore also possible that the selection in the software has nothing to do with a customer selection, but with country-specific specifications. At the moment, however, one can only speculate about what the discovery in the software is about.


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