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Leaks: Poco F2 Pro Images Reveal A Redmi K30 Pro Look-alike

Though the Poco X2 was Poco’s first phone after the worldwide Poco F1 smash, it wasn’t a true follow-up. Now, however, we are almost certain that tomorrow the Poco F2 Pro will launch the ultra-cheap, ultra-powerful Poco F1 as a true successor to it. 

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Now, we’ve got some leaked F2 Pro renders (via Ishan Agarwal). The renders only show us the front of the device, but just from the display and bezels we can tell quite a bit. 

First off, this phone’s front looks almost the same as the Redmi K30 Pro. All the data we have suggest that Poco — a Xiaomi sub-brand — simply takes Redmi’s design (and yet another Xiaomi sub-brand) and repackages it. A Poco board member, though, claimed that was not the case, so we don’t know what to think.

Notice how the Poco F2 Pro renders the bottom bezel and the speaker cutout at the top of the display pretty much align perfectly. You can also see a red power button on the F2 Pro renders very clearly, just like on the K30 Pro.

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The F2 Pro’s four renders also show four distinct colorways. It’s hard to see but if you look closely you can see gray / black, purple, white, and blue (from left to right). I mean, even this is the same order as the K30 Pro renders above! 

In other words, we ‘re not sure what the Poco exec was trying to pull, but we’re almost sure the Poco F2 Pro will look the same as the Redmi K30 Pro and share many of the same specs.