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LG confirms that CS-series OLED TVs come without Evo panel

The recently released details of LG’s new 2022 OLED TVs have raised one question above all: what is the previously unknown CS9 model. Now the South Korean manufacturer is clarifying. The differences are in the Evo display. The pivot of the new LG OLED range is the improved panels with so-called Evo technology, which are intended to give a brighter and thus more detailed image to match in these two special areas the Mini, which was mainly developed by Samsung. Catch up with the LED competition. The first-generation Evo displays were already installed in the LG OLED G1 and C1 series last year, but the actual benefits of the latter were deactivated via firmware.

Processor and software upgrade but without the Evo panel

Now both series should take advantage of the technology and the G2 series should even be equipped with an additional “Brightness Booster”. However, the question that interested parties are asking is about the ominous LG OLED CS models, which distinguish themselves from the classic numbering for the first time this year (for example, CX 2020 / C1 2021 / C2 2022). At the request of WinFuture, LG now provides the correct answer. “The new CS series is an evolution of the 2021 C1 series and is prescribed between the C1 series and the 2022 C2 series with OLED Evo.

The CS series includes the new α9 Gen5 AI processor and the new webOS 2022 Above all, this should allow for an even greater variety of models within the C Series.” The starting price, which depending on the TV diagonal is between 150 euros and 600 euros lower than the C2 series, comes at the expense of the long-awaited Evo panel within the middle class, while the processor and operating system are being renewed. The additional performance and software benefits are yet to be seen to decide whether, with regard to the new LG OLED CS series, it might not be worth going to last year’s cheaper model (C1).