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Sony and Honda to Collaborate for electric cars: First model expected in 2025

Sony has found its first prominent partner with whom it wants to build electric cars. Japanese auto group Honda has signed a corresponding agreement with the electronics and entertainment giant. The first e-car from the two partners is expected to arrive in 2025. how Sony and Honda announced today, are joining forces to develop, build and market electric vehicles. An agreement has been signed for the time being. The two Japanese companies want to follow up on this year and set up a joint venture. The first jointly developed vehicles will then be sold from 2025.

Collaborative production

Under the terms of the partnership, Honda will design, manufacture and market the first electric car model, while Sony will contribute a “mobility service platform”. The plan is for Honda to bring its car manufacturing and sales skills to the table, while Sony will bring its expertise and products from the infotainment, mobile phone, and image sensors sectors.

Honda only has a few electric cars in its portfolio so far, so only the Honda E will be offered in Europe as the Japanese manufacturer’s an only purely electric vehicle. Sony, on the other hand, only recently presented its second study for its own electric cars, which should also be commercialized. Given the collaboration with Honda, it is currently questionable when this plan will actually lead to electric cars from Sony becoming available to end customers. Austrian partner Magna provides the platform for its second electric car, which was presented at CES 2022 in January, while the powertrains come from Bosch.

Sony itself brings its 5G products, LiDAR, and camera sensors into play. Facial recognition, voice, and gesture controls would also be on board the prototype vehicles called Sony Vision-S 02.

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