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LG G9 Smartphone Would Be a Lot Cheaper

LG 48MP camera series

LG is making the next smartphone which could be cheaper and comes with a normal chip to keep the price down.

Not so long ago, LG was still a staple in the smartphone market and was mentioned in the same breath with Samsung, Apple and other big players in the industry. However, the gradual decline of the manufacturer began at the latest with the flopped LG G5. In 2020, LG almost completely disappeared from the memory of potential smartphone buyers. With the LG G9, the company could at least advertise with one big advantage: the price.

LG G9 should not get a high-end processor

According to media reports from South Korea, LG should not rely on the Snapdragon 865 and thus on Qualcomm’s latest high-end processor for its next top smartphone. Instead, use of the cheaper Snapdragon 765 is mentioned, as 9to5Google reports, LG would, therefore, withdraw from the race for the most potent hardware. 

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Ideally, the group could pass on the price savings resulting from the absence of an upper-class processor to customers and make the G9 cheaper than the competition. For comparison: A Galaxy S20 currently starts at $950 and goes up to 1,450 USD for the Ultra model. Similarly, Huawei’s high-end smartphones also start from $800 and go up with premium models.