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LG’s First Rollable Phone Might Release by the End of 2021


On Thursday, news came out that LG’s first rollable phone will be released by the end of this year (2021).  Previously, LG has been mocking a rollable phone as part of its new project for a while now. The company has finally tipped its rollable phone officially at the CES 2021 event this week, which kicked off major assumptions and forecasts about what to expect from the device and when it will hit the market.

As per the reports, sources revealed that LG’s first rollable phone will launch by the end of the year, sometime after September. The report comes from an advisor who also mentions a rumored price tag for the device. Although, he does not mention where he got this information from but claims that the rollable phone will cost $2560 in the US.

That is quite a substantial price tag, but not too far from Samsung’s foldable phones. Furthermore, being an industry first, this much of a price tag is to be expected. Though, we do not expect the form factor to take off like folding phones, at least not instantly.

As per the Korean tipster, currently, LG is working on fixing mechanical and stability related issues of the metal body before it can launch the device. Finer details such as specs are expected to surface around Q3 2021.

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