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Smartphone Manufacturers Testing 160W Fast Charging

160W fast charging

As a necessity of this era, mobile phones have connected many people’s life, work and other aspects. However, as mobile phones can handle more and more things, their performance is getting stronger and the battery life is getting shorter and shorter. Today, when the battery technology of mobile devices has not made a big breakthrough, many mobile phone manufacturers have set their sights on fast charging technology. There are already many mobile phones on the market that support 120W fast charging, which can be fully charged in only 20 minutes.

According to the latest news, some Chinese mobile phone manufacturers have been testing 160W± wired fast charging technology recently. The whole charging process does not exceed ten minutes, which will once again change the habits of mobile phone users.

In view of the current fast charging technology, if you want to achieve such a high-power fast charging technology, it is necessary to use multiple charge pump technology, with multiple batteries to superimpose the charging power. In short, it is “open one more way” and use more Parallel circuit design directly charges multiple batteries. Fast charging over one hundred watts requires multiple charge pump technology.

But one of the biggest drawbacks of this technology is heat generation, which will be a big challenge for mobile phones and power adapters.

However, with the popularity of GaN gallium nitride materials in the past two years, mobile phone chargers can withstand higher and higher power. GaN has the advantages of high operating frequency, high operating temperature and high power density, while also effectively reducing the conduction resistance. The heat generated is enough to withstand the impact of 160W power. Fast charging of one hundred watts requires the cooperation of GaN chargers.

The heat generation of the mobile phone will become the biggest obstacle to 160W fast charging. At present, with the continuous improvement of performance and charging power, each company is violently dissipating heat on its own flagship model. VC heat dissipation plate, graphite, liquid cooling and other energy The heat dissipation materials used are universal, but the heat dissipation of the current 120W fast charging models is still not optimistic.

To achieve 160W fast charging, it is bound to go further in mobile phone cooling technology, which is also a huge challenge for manufacturers’ research and development capabilities.

At present, domestic manufacturers such as VivoXiaomi, and Black Shark are very aggressive in fast charging technology, especially Xiaomi is the first manufacturer in the world to mass-produce 120W fast charging. If 160W fast charging is really realized in mass production, it is likely to be from these companies to start.

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