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LinkedIn announces Top 50 Companies for 2019

LinkedIn has announced its 2019 LinkedIn top companies list that ranks the top 50 companies in the world to work for.

LinkedIn has uncovered companies that have attracted most job seekers. According to LinkedIn, “this approach looks at what members are doing — not just saying — in their search for fulfilling careers.” 

Some interesting trends seen in this year’s survey is that companies are now emphasizing more on values over perks. For instance, Disney that is on No. 17 will pay full tuition even for its part-time employees.

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Slack, ranked No. 23 is operating a coding skills program in prisons. Similarly Lyft ranked No.19 is now offering free therapy to workers and their dependents.

Another interesting trend seen in companies is that tech companies both old and new have dominated the rankings.

Traditional tech companies like Oracle stands at No. 9, Dell at No. 10, Cisco at No.12 while Intel at No. 37. Recently established companies are also in Top 50 list like Airbnb at No 8, Netflix at No. 11, Splunk at No. 39 and Snowflake Computing at No. 49.

Yet another notable point in 2019 Top 50 companies list is that almost 40% of the companies are new to the list like Bank of America at No. 18, Slack at No. 23, Pinterest at No. 29, Citi at No. 22 etc.

The top 25 companies are Alphabet, Facebook , Amazon , Salesforce, Deloitte, Uber, Apple, Airbnb, Oracle, Dell Technologies, Netflix, Cisco, The We Company, Spotify, Comcast NBCUniversal, Tesla, The Walt Disney Company, Bank of America, Lyft, ADP, Goldman Sachs, Citi, Slack, Adobe, and Wells Fargo respectively.

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