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LookSee Wellington: Your Chance to Score 1 of the 100 New Technology Jobs in New Zealand

Looksee Wellington - 100 New Technology Jobs in New Zealand

LookSee Wellington is offering 100 new technology jobs in New Zealand. All you need to do is submit your application, take a free tour of the city, and enter the pre-arranged job interviews.

The world of technology is rising fast. And New Zealand, no matter how lonely it stands, can’t resist staying apart from the world. They’re building a stronger position in the field of technology with LookSee Wellington.

Wellington, the self-proclaimed tech hub of the South Pacific, calls all the tech experts to land the city for free in exchange for a job interview. Their unique plan runs for 4days, starting from 8 May. Some of the registered tech companies will take job interviews of the top 100 applicants.

Plan for a new job in Wellington and get rid of the threats by Robots taking over jobs in the UK

The tour will be fully funded with some exceptions. Mentioned on their support page, LookSee Wellington states:

The costs of flights to and from your nearest major international airport and Wellington, New Zealand are paid for. Pick up and return from Wellington Airport and your hotel in Wellington is paid for. Your hotel accommodation in Wellington is paid for (not including in-room expenses). So, you’ll need enough money to cover food, beverages and entertainment expenses.

Wellington Regional Economic Development Agency (WREDA) and Workhere New Zealand, supported by Immigration New Zealand and NZTech; are the co-sponsors of LookSee Wellington.

Registering with the plan is similar to registering with a recruitment agency. The application process is a simple 9-step process.

Looksee Wellington - Job Interview Process

Where this seem a free or cheap vacation, everything is pre-arranged. The city welcomes tech nerds to explore the city. The interviewees, however, will must have to attend job interviews.

Facebook is now a job portal

In their FAQs, LookSee Wellington rolled out:

It is essential that you meet all the employers that have expressed an interest in interviewing you and genuinely assess what they off as a potential employer. There will be a small number of other events that we would strongly recommend you attend as they are designed to help you find out important information about immigration, relocation, and settlement in Wellington.

Read their FAQs and apply to get 1 of the 100 new technology jobs in New Zealand

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