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Machines will perform more tasks than humans by 2025: Report

The recent report issued by WEF claimed that the machines will do more tasks and works than the humans by 2025.

A study by the World Economic Forum (WEF) has revealed that by 2025, the Robots will perform 52 per cent of the current tasks which is almost twice as many as now.

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“The machines will perform more than half of the all current workplace tasks by 2025. However, machines are currently performing 29 per cent of human tasks today”, the report by the WEF said.

The rapid changes in the machines and algorithms, or the processes of the computer –that are being designed to solve the human’s problem— could almost create 133 million new roles and jobs in a place of 75 million, the non-profit organization (WEF) predicted.

The report published by the WEF claimed, “The robots are rapidly replacing humans in the client management, accounting, industrial, postal and secretarial industries.”

Jobs such as Sales, Marketing, E-Commerce, Social Media, and Customer Service should see a demand increase because these jobs require “human skills”.

However, the governments were suggested to prepare safety measures for the workers as well as the communities threatened by what the World Economic Forum (WEF) concluded would be “a significant shift” in the quality and permanency of the new jobs.

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