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Manage Pending Tasks Easily With Latest Google Calendar update

Google Calendar will soon allow you to make direct changes to your overdue tasks without having to navigate to My Tasks. In other words, if you have any scheduled to-dos that are not marked complete within the past 30 days, you get an “x pending tasks” button as an all-day event that shows them all in a comprehensive list. What’s more, you can make changes to the said tasks or mark them as complete right from the drop-down menu when you click said all-day event.

Google announced this change on its workspace blog. The feature will be available for the web, Android, and iOS Calendar versions. For web Calendar, it will be rolled out in two phases. Rapid Release domains already started seeing the update yesterday, while Scheduled Release domains will begin getting it on March 3. However, it may take up to 15 days on either release track for the feature to be fully visible. The rollout will commence for Android users on February 17, while iOS users will have to wait until March 1 to start enjoying it. The new Calendar feature will be available to all Google Workspace, legacy G Suite Basic, and legacy G Suite Business customers.

This comes less than two months after Google Calendar got updates that made ignoring unwanted event invites, juggling multiple accounts on mobile, and setting up recurring tasks more straightforward. When the new feature arrives, it’ll be activated by default for anyone that uses tasks in Calendar. That said, you can turn it off by hiding your tasks — just go to the “My calendars” tab on the left sidebar and uncheck the box next to Tasks.