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Google launches the Pixel 6 series in Singapore, after Italy and Spain

Google’s Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro are extremely popular since Google introduced the devices in October of the year before. Actually, the rush to pre-order following the announcement was enough to shut down Google’s website store for a couple of hours and the majority of SKUs sold out for more than one month during that time. The most impressive thing is that the phones managed to create records for quarterly sales for Google despite being sold in just nine countries and a lack of supply. As supply is now getting a bit more stable, Google has launched the Pixel 6 series in Italy and Spain via the online shop.

In the manner that Google Italy states in its announcement that the new phones will be made available in two countries with limited numbers. Due to the huge demand, the company anticipates the stock to be sold quickly, with more phones expected to be available in May. If you are within Italy or Spain and have been wanting to purchase the latest Pixel phones for some time right now, it’s time to make the purchase when you can they are currently out of stocks.

It’s a bit disappointing that Google is selling only specific models of the handsets. They are available only with 128GB of storage in the color Carbon/Just Black and there are no other colors or combinations of storage to be found. The smaller Pixel costs EUR649 The larger Pixel costs EUR649 while the Pro is priced at EUR899. The Pixel 6 series is not available for pre-orders or launches day deals like the ones that the company offered when it launched its Pixel 6 series last year in different markets.

The Pixel 6 series was a messy mess when it initially came out with issues with fingerprint sensors as well as weak signal strength ghost dialing issues. But, Google has addressed the vast majority of problems with numerous software updates and the January update finalizing the resolution of a number of remaining issues for the better. The February OTA will be a “do-or-die” time for phones, however. Despite these issues, the new Pixels provide excellent value-for-money and come with amazing cameras. That’s the reason why we think that the Pixel 6 was our favorite phone in 2021.

Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro are now available in Singapore

After slowly launching Google’s Pixel 6 series in Italy and Spain earlier in the month Google is now releasing the phone in Singapore. The phones will be sold only through Google’s online store in Singapore priced from $999 on the Pixel 6 and S$1,299 for the Pixel 6 Pro. Like in Italy or Spain, Google is offering phones that have 128GB storage The 256GB version is not available. For colors Pixel 6 is available in two colors. Pixel 6 is available in Stormy Black and Sorta Seaform colors The Pro model comes with Stormy Black and Cloudy White shades.

There will be a limited supply and if you’ve been looking at the most recent Pixel phones for some time now is the best moment to get these phones. It’s also only the second time in the time period since Pixel 4a’s release on the market in 2010 that Google has announced brand new Pixel smartphones in Singapore.

In addition, the company has official accessories, such as the Pixel 6 case for S$49 The 2nd generation Pixel Stand for S$119, and the power adapter 30W USB-C for just S$45. With the inclusion of Singapore and Singapore, this means that the Pixel 6 series is now available in 12 countries which is an increase from the nine countries it initially came in. Google is likely to extend the reach of the phones to additional countries as they catch up to demand and the semiconductor shortage decreases.