Mark Zuckerberg claims that Threads could reach a family of 1 billion users

Meta recently launched its Twitter like platform, Threads. As caught up with the controversy with Twitter, the platform followed rapid growth. As per recent reports from The Verge, Mark Zuckerberg claimed the platform soon to be becoming a family of 1 billion users.

Mark Zuckerberg Is claiming for thread to become a family of 1 billion users soon

“I’m highly confident we’ll be able to pour enough petrol on this to help it grow,” Zuckerberg told investors. This occurred during Meta’s second-quarter results conference call with investors.

Threads piqued their interest, which is understandable. It’s also a “weird anomaly in the tech industry that there hasn’t been an app like this for text-based convos that has reached 1 billion people,” according to Zuckerberg.

To recap, Threads surpassed 100 million signups faster than any other consumer software product ever! That speaks volumes about its potential, but the difficult part is retaining those consumers and continuously developing.

Threads engagements are leaning down since the launch of initial mania

Thread involvement has reportedly slowed significantly since the initial breakthrough. However, Zuckerberg stated that “tens of millions” of users use the program daily.

As of now, Meta’s CEO has issued the key goals. He stated that Threads needs to add lacking functionalities and that the company is working on it. Furthermore, the app’s retention with current users needs to be increased, which is why the petrol comment was stated previously.

Another thing to note is that Meta’s business has grown this year. Meta posted higher-than-expected earnings for the second quarter, and its stock price has risen.

Meta is unlikely to monetize Threads soon because it has enough fuel to keep going elsewhere.  Monetization is coming on the platform in future considering its success probability.

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