Owner of handle @x didn’t received any proper compensation from the platform

A few days ago, Twitter handle was officially replaced as “X”.  This latest title of the platform was already taken and wasn’t in Twitters possession. As that title was taken from the user, and there was no compensation for the owner in return.

Owner of @x wasn’t properly compensate by Twitter

As per information revealed from The Telegraph and business Insider, the handle was owned by a photographer from San Francisco, Gene X Hwang. His account has 53,000 followers at the time. Twitter removed his handle and replaced it with a new one, @x12345678998765. Quite a generic title was given by the platform to the person.

As stated by Gene X Hwang, he owned this title since 2007. Although he was ready to trade the handle but the company wasn’t willing for any financial compensation.

“When it all started, I thought maybe something cool would come out of it,” Hwang remarked. People told him he could obtain a Tesla Model X or even a ride on a SpaceX rocket.

Hwang was hoping for something significant in return

In any case, he was entitled to some form of recompense, which is understandable. “I would have accepted something for it,” he claimed, “but I wasn’t trying to extort money or anything like that.”

What he did get was an email, which Business Insider saw, and you can, too, because it’s embedded below this column.

As you can see from the email, the handle is “affiliated with X Corp,” and the firm just assigned Hwang a different handle. At the very least, his followers were moved to the new handle.

He was also assured that he would receive “X merch as well as an exclusive visit to X’s HQ to meet members of our team.” He informed the corporation that he had previously visited the company’s headquarters and that he would be more interested in Twitter-related merchandise than X-related merchandise.

What’s strange is that Hwang tweeted “all’s well that ends well” from his new handle, implying that he was fairly paid, but this does not appear to be the case.

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