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Markor Technology Will Expand the Ontario iGaming Market

With the purchase of an Ontario license, Markor Technology has reached a significant new benchmark in the evolution of the iGaming market. After registering with the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) as a gaming-related contractor, the company specializing in technological solutions and software aggregation networks will be granted permission to enter one of the most promising industries in North America.

Live dealer games, slots, and table games from a wide array of providers are all part of Markor’s content portfolio, which is accessible via its gaming aggregation portal.

License Approval in Ontario a Huge Win for Markor Technology

The Canadian province’s regulatory body has conducted a thorough investigation into Markor Technology to ensure that the company is qualified to possess a license and supply its cutting-edge products to the local market.

In the future, operators who meet the necessary criteria and hold an AGCO license will have access to table games, slot machines, and live dealer alternatives made available through Markor’s aggregation platform.

Existing and new brands in Ontario will reap the benefits of the plethora of alternatives made possible by Markor Technology’s application programming interface (API). Markor Technology will be capable of providing various services linked to the gaming industry, not just casino games.

Advantages of Makor Technology

Bonuses and Promotions

Most casinos on the Markor Technology platform offer appealing signup bonuses and other incentives to bring in new customers. The vast majority of bonus offers form matching deposits made by new players. Check out online-casinos.ca’s guide on no deposit bonuses, where you can find all the no deposit casino offers and how to claim them.

Additionally, Markor Technology has developed a unique Mystery Jackpot System that enables operators to design their boundless progressive jackpot for all of Markor’s Technology games and all operators.

Enhanced Technologies

The games developed by Markor Technology are web-based and built with HTML5 to be played on various devices with a web browser. Video games developed in HTML5 offer a more immersive experience than their Flash-based predecessors due to enhanced gameplay and graphical and auditory features.

Gambling on Mobile Devices

Markor Technology’s software development’s primary objective is to manufacture mobile casino games. It’s hardly surprising that they settled on an HTML5 platform that works on Android and iOS gadgets, given the dominance of mobile gaming in recent years.

Games’ adaptability has been fine-tuned to the point that they’re as enjoyable on desktop computers, tablets, and mobile phones.

Why Incorporate Markor Technology in the iGaming market?

It’s a Genuine Business Associate

Markor Technology isn’t just that; they provide easy-to-modify solutions and technical assistance if you’re looking for a platform service. They partner with their customers throughout the entire process, from planning to implementation to maintenance, in order to ensure the longevity and profitability of the customers’ businesses.

It Has a Committed and Expert Team

The company’s staff comprises professionals who have worked for several well-known iGaming companies. They consider it a privilege to work with their international partners to impart their expertise in the B2B and B2C markets and to offer them superior solutions.

Its iGaming Solution Has Multiple Licenses and Is Certified

Markor Technology’s priority is helping its customers break into new markets quickly. Markor Technology provides its clients with access to sought-after marketplaces thanks to its multi-licensed systems and expanding range of certifications and licenses.

It Has Multiple Industry-Leading iGaming Associates

Markor Technology is confident in the adaptability of its service because of its dedication to its client’s needs. Crucial player services such as know-your-customer (KYC), customer service (CS), anti-money laundering (AML), and others are supported by specialized localized and automated solutions.


The Ontario iGaming market will undoubtedly grow thanks to Markor technology. Benefits such as improved safety measures, incentives in the form of bonuses and discounts, and cutting-edge tools are just some of the characteristics of this technology that are highlighted in this piece. Markor technology’s excellent reputation makes it a natural fit for use in the iGaming industry.

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