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Tahira, a young Swati girl, exploring information technology while fighting poverty

Information Technology is with no doubts one of the grooming industries worldwide. Every day tons of inventions are explored. From new applications to new features every IT-based entity is working hard to bring a change. One such change was recently noticed when a young girl from Swat, Pakistan, came forefront with her IT-based inventions.

Tahira Muhammad, a young passionate girl from Swat has a strong love for technology. Right from her childhood, she’d been observing tech gadgets around her.

Tahira is a small village girl, whose mother used to work as a domestic helper. Tahira often accompanied her mother and that was usually the time to get her inspirations which later became her passion.

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In an interview to Express Tribune, Tahira told that she had always been good in her studies. Her mother, besides the poverty, managed to support her daughter meet her dreams. She enrolled Tahira in an Information Technology diploma soon after the completion of her matriculation examination.

With the combined forces, Tahira with her passion and knowledge has now been able to work as a well-groomed software developer. She told Express Tribune that she had developed a software for a local government. This application was developed to assist the government in issuing birth certificates.

Other applauding efforts includes a software for an NGO. This software stores data of domestic victimized women. Her latest work is under completion. This project is also focusing women or to be more precise; empowering women.

A girl of such a strong and demanding talent earns only Rs. 4,000 a month. She is teaching in a local school. She wishes to seek a higher education in the field of IT. But fears that her dreams could shatter if she does not get a well-paying job.

Courtesy of Express Tribune

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