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Mawra Hocane shares her near death airplane experience on Twitter

Pakistani social media, television and movie superstar Mawra Hocane shared her recent near-death experience on an airplane.  She shared her experience on Twitter.

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In a series of Tweets, Mawra wrote, “Life is all things fancy until you are faced w a moment where it hits you that you may no longer have your life. That’s when you truly realise what means the most in Life. I’m a frequent traveller & don’t usually care for turbulence but! Ah! #BadFlight rant.”

Then she said in another Tweet “In that moment, your own existence seems so small & irrelevant. The only & ONLY thing you want is to be home safe w your loved ones. That’s all you want. No dreams. No nothing. Nothing else matter. #BadFlightRant part 2”

Adding, “Alhumdulillah!!!! Love till you can, love till you’re here. Happy to be Alive.. #Badflight confessions..”

The fans got extremely concerned about her and started tweeting if she is alright.

Thus in another tweet, Mawra wrote, “For all who’ve been asking me how I am doing, it was more emotional than logical! But I truly am happy to be alive.”

The message in her tweets not only reflects her experience but also the reality of life. We are so busy running after one goal to another that we don’t realize that time will eventually overtake us no matter how fast we run. And at that moment one wants to be at home with family. Life is unpredictable, short and surprising.  Let us be appreciative of our existence. Let us be more giving in life. Let us spread the message of love around us before it gets too late.

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