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McDonald’s Soon to Launch Digital Menus


McDonald’s—the biggest chain of the world for fast food supplies has made the biggest $300million purchasing decision on Dynamic Yield for personalising and finally giving itself a digitalisation touch, which was needed.

As per the reports of Bloomberg, the restaurants of McDonald’s would soon be introducing new electronic digital menus that would change itself based on the various factors like colder temperature would feature more options for warm drinks like coffee and for the hotter days, there would be more of ice-cream Sundaes and McFlurries. The display on the digital menus would be different in different regions.

Steve Easterbrook—the CEO of McDonald’s took charge in the year 2015 and since then he has included better delivery services, self-order kiosks and digital menu boards. This would boost sales and would assist the brand in standing out against competitors.

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This latest acquisition also displayed how the firm wants to spend more on technology for making the most of this digitalisation age.

Easterbrook as per reports said that Technology is a critical factor of their velocity development plan and the speed with which they would be able to put their vision into practise for creating more personalized experiences for their customers.

As per the latest news, McDonald’s has launched Anday Wala Burger in Pakistan officially. The burger is covered in a newspaper adding a much more desi touch to the entire already desi concept.

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