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Mercedes Announces Electric G-Class for 2024

Mercedes-Benz has revealed when the first all-electric G-Class will be launched. The carmaker’s CEO, Ola Kllenius, told media representatives that the vehicle will be on the market by the end of 2024.

EQG – G-Class becomes fully electric

This reports, among other things Autoblog from a roundtable with the Mercedes boss. The company announced an emission-free electric version of the SUV around three years ago. In 2021 there was the long-awaited presentation of the EQG concept to the press.

However, the most important details for G-Class fans were still missing – it was not clear when the first models would be available and at what price. So far, the name of the G-Class with an electric motor has not even been decided. If we stay with the naming that has been used up to now, the vehicle series should be called EQG.

In the round of reports, the Mercedes boss now revealed that the current plans envisage a market launch in 2024. In addition, Klenius explained that just over a year ago he was able to drive a prototype of the electric car at the Mercedes test site in Graz, Austria, where the company normally tests the combustion engine version of the G-Class.

Apparently, his experience was positive. “From now on, off-road driving is electric,” Klenius told reporters. According to the roundtable discussion, developing an electric version of the G-Class was also essential for the long-term existence of the SUV. Mercedes plans to have an all-electric vehicle range by 2030, and the G-Class is expected to remain one of them.

But that wasn’t so certain for a long time. The fate of the G-Class was often up for debate in the group. “There have been discussions in the past as to whether we should get rid of the model. The way I see things now, I would say that the last Mercedes to be built will be a G-Class,” said Klenius in one of his first Speeches in 2019.

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