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GTA 6, Microsoft, and Nvidia Hacker Is The Same

Late last week, British police arrested a 17-year-old man accused of hacking Rockstar Games and stealing various Grand Theft Auto 6 materials, including videos. Now new details about the alleged hacker are known. Just over a week ago, there was probably the most spectacular leak in gaming history because an unknown person published more than 90 videos from an early GTA 6 build.

He also had more in hand, because the person responsible threatened to publish the source code of the predecessor Grand Theft Auto 5, which was still extremely popular. But nothing will probably come of it now, because at the end of last week a 17-year-old hacker was arrested in the British capital.

As previously reported, London police arrested the young man on Friday. However, in the hours and days following the arrest, various additional details emerged, suggesting that the authorities did indeed catch the right man.

Not a Stranger

Because as journalist Matthew Keys via Twitter such as thedesk reported, the 17-year-old could also be linked to the recent attack on Uber. The suspected member of the hacker group Lapsus$ is not the first time in contact with criminal investigators, quite the opposite. The teenager was arrested earlier this year for attacks on Microsoft, Okta, and Nvidia. The young man with the initials AK is said to have been targeted by the authorities due to similarities between the respective attacks.

Because of the first attacks, of which he is accused, the negotiations and judges’ verdicts are still pending, AK currently lives at home with his mother. Prosecutors have now brought charges against him for breaching his bail on two counts and breaching the UK Computer Misuse Act on two counts.

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