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Meta hit with a $265 million fine over facebook data leak.

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An Irish “Data Protection Company (DPC)” fined Meta $265 million for the data leak incident last year. Over the span of 18 months, Meta has been forced to pay a fine of €1 billion in Europe.

Last year in April, Facebook faced an incident that exposed the personal data of over 533 million users, inclusive of date of birth, contacts, e-mails, and location address. The leaked information was quite sensitive, which can be used for scams and fraud schemes. Also, some personal data of prison officers, social workers, journalists, and judges was leaked in the incident. EU regulators keenly observed the situation.

Meta stated that bad actors are to be held responsible for this incident, but DPC blamed the company, saying that they were unsuccessful in fulfilling GDPR requirements (data protection by design and default).

Meta is again facing a hefty fine from the Irish watchdog!

An Irish regulator has slapped Meta with a $265 million fine for the second time.Last September, it was fined $402 million for violating children’s privacy settings on Instagram.

A spokesman from Meta told me that scraping someone’s personal information is not fine at all and is against the rules. He made sure the company would look over its decision and the matter would be discussed inside the company.

“Big Tech” companies are really facing huge data privacy allegations in the UK and Europe. The allegations are more likely to keep the big tech companies from changing their strategies about personal data collection.

Whatsapp was fined €225 million for failing to clarify the method for sharing European data with Meta.Moreover, different companies have pushed Meta to pay a fine of over €17 million.

Tech companies are facing issues with stock, and new employee appointments have been stopped. Despite these issues, a recent data leak from WhatsApp that affected more than 500 users is another warning for a hectic fine for Meta.