Meta is bringing Generative AI to ‘every single one’ of its products

As confirmed by Mark Zuckerberg the future of Meta revolves around generative AI. As elaborated by him, he said that each of the product by the company will be including AI. Major platforms like Messenger and WhatsApp will be included in this list.

The hype that was created after the launch of ChatGPT has driven many companies to incorporate AI to their platforms. Many platforms have already included them in, many more are working in to do so. Tech giants including Apple, Google and Microsoft have presented their plans about incorporating this technology into their work. About Meta, it was revealed through an answer during company-wide all-hands meeting held this week.

According to the source, Zuckerberg has outlined his company’s AI strategy for the staff and executives, insisting that generative AI will be implemented into “every single one of our products.”

There will be generative AI in all Meta products

Employees received a briefing from Zuckerberg on the AI features coming to the company’s products. Some of them will be used internally, but the majority will be made available to customers. A photo editing tool for Instagram that enables users to change their photo with a text prompt and share it on Instagram is the first in-development AI function.

An AI agent for WhatsApp and Messenger would be an additional functionality. According to reports, the agent may take on 30 different personalities to assist and amuse people. We’ll have to wait and see if Instagram includes the feature. Alessandro Paluzzi, an app researcher, discovered an AI chatbot earlier this week on Instagram that can assist users and answer inquiries.

Additionally, Meta’s internal AI endeavors include a generative AI hackathon in July, publishing research, and disseminating AI technology throughout the open-source community.

“In the last year, we’ve seen some really incredible breakthroughs, qualitative breakthroughs on generative AI, and that gives us the opportunity to go take that technology, push it forward, and build it into every single one of our products,” said Meta CEO in a statement to Axios.

The business continues to be dedicated to its Metaverse project despite efforts to make generative AI the core of every Meta product. The plans for the Metaverse will be strengthened and complemented by generative AI.

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