Google started migration from Reminders to Tasks

A few months ago, Google announced that it would be getting rid of reminders and replacing them with tasks. The company has been progressing since the last update. With the latest news, Google has started the migration from reminders to tasks.

The public has been desirous of this for a very long time. It is extremely redundant to have assistant tasks and reminders. Both tasks and reminders that you create show up on Google Calendar. They can also be altered in a variety of ways. A more efficient experience has been long desired.

Each platform also has a critical characteristic that the other platform does not have. Although we can utilise your voice to make reminders, the UI is incredibly difficult to use. Google Tasks has a far nicer user interface; however, voice activation is not an option. The best of both worlds will be ours if we combine these two. If you are looking for Google vouchers go to Latest Deals.

Reminders to Tasks conversion has started

Thankfully, Google heard our cries and began to make some adjustments. The business has begun converting assistant reminders to tasks. Like previous Google Workspace rollouts, this will take place in stages.

The change will be visible to users of Google Workspace accounts first as of today. They will transfer the reminders they have saved using Google Assistant to Google Tasks. Check the Google Tasks app (if you don’t already have it, go here to download it from the Play Store) if you already have reminders but log on to find that they’ve vanished.

People with personal Google accounts will start to notice this later in the month. Just assume that your reminders will be transferred over before the end of the month, as we are unsure of the exact day they will begin.

Just be aware that if you are an organization’s administrator, you must turn on the Task service for your company. If not, your tasks won’t be transferred and will instead be erased on June 22.

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