Meta isn’t worried about thread losing half of its followers

Threads app

Since its launch, threads have been gaining users efficiently, and it reached the milestone of 100 million users in just a week. but as the days go by, the platform’s user base is waning. As per reports from the company (via the BBC), threads have lost almost half of their followers.

If you are unfamiliar with the platform yet, Threads is the latest platform that has emerged on our social screens. As it seems, it’s an answer to Twitter by Meta. This platform is tied up to your Instagram, so you already have a thread account if you have one on Instagram.

Threads have lost half of their users

While Threads still has limitations, the platform has proven to be a strong Twitter alternative. Again, it reached 100 million users in a matter of days. However, users and active users are not the same thing. The 100 million figures explicitly relate to the number of app sign-ups.

Active users are individuals who remain on the site and continue to post content. Meta announced that roughly half of those who boarded the Threads train had disembarked. This was not unexpected, as Threads’ numbers dropped soon after reaching 100 million.

Meta isn’t worried about this decline

As per the situation, Meta’s response was optimistic. There’s no such thing as getting panicked over this issue. In their response, they referred to this act as normal.

To be honest, this was something we were all expecting. The initial buzz surrounding the app has died down, and most users have already published posts disparaging Elon Musk. The software has faded from people’s memories.

The most likely cause of the drop-off is a lack of features. Threads feel like a beta, even if they are in stable release. It lacks features such as a DM system and the ability to post GIFs from the keyboard. It has only recently obtained the ability to display a feed of only those you follow.

Meta is still working on platform improvements, and it expects that these features will help it reclaim some of those lost users. We hope that this is the case, as from Twitter’s side, things aren’t looking good.

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