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MicroLEDs might be preferred over OLED for VR Headsets

Artificial intelligence is ever-growing day by day. Virtual reality is a crucial element of AR. Several tech companies have stepped into the market of AR-related devices. Apple and Meta are known as the top competitors when it comes to VR headsets.

In this quest for VR headsets, Samsung is going to play its part by supplying MicroLED displays for the device. In accordance with a statement made by an executive at Samsung, OLED displays will be less preferred compared to MicroLED displays owing to their better luminance.

According to a report by TheElec, Kim Min-woo, the group leader of Samsung, said that companies would prefer MicroLEDs for their devices in a workshop related to MicroLED display. He mentioned that the new technology requires the development of new displays and new LEDs.

It is said that Samsung displays will use Silicon panels. These MicroLED displays will be based on a substrate of silicon instead of glass. These displays will be equipped with 6,600 ppl pixel density.  Previously a piece of news revealed that South Korea is also working on OLED displays based on the silicon substrate.

Be it an MR, VR, or AR headset, the requirements for the display and other features vary. With time we will get to know which company and product Apple chooses for its new device.

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