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Rumors Suggest Apple May Use OLED Displays for Some iPads in 2022

Apple could be planning to use OLED for its iPads coming in 2022.

Apple to Introduce OLED for its iPads Coming in 2022

Besides getting displays from rival companies, Apple is also working on its technology so that it doesn’t have to rely on others or when the rest of the world goes on shortages, like the most recent event when the world started facing chipset shortage.

Earlier, we learned that Apple has placed an order of 80 million units of Samsung displays for its iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. Today, we learned that the company has introduced a new display tech called mini-LED on the 12.9-inch Pro model. This is not the latest news, but a relatively fresh one.

According to the source, the company intends to use the same tech in its 11-inch model besides a few other MacBook models. We also heard that Apple plans to equip its iPads with OLED. However, it is rumored that this would happen in 2022.

Apple initially launched its iPads with LCDs. It recently moved ahead to a mini-LED (as said above), which offers better wide color gamut performance with high contrast and HDR. This technology also supports local dimming that will dim the backlight behind the screen, which is displaying black, keeping the other parts bright. These mini-LEDs are expensive and challenging to manufacture. 

One more source mentioned that the iPads getting the OLED in 2022 will include the 2022 iPad Air. However, this unit will be provided by Samsung and LG.  

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