Micron is going to build a new semiconductor plant in India

Micron Technology is a semiconductor manufacturing company based in the United States. According to some recent pieces of information, Micron is all set to construct a new semiconductor plant in India. Reportedly, the new project will cost $2.75 billion (INR 22,500 crore) to the company. The new plant will be constructed in Sanand, Gujrat. Notably, Tata Projects will be responsible for the construction of the new facility. It is basically a chip assembly and test facility.

Primarily, the plant will focus on modifying wafers into Ball Grid Array (BGA) packages. Besides this, they will be transformed into memory modules and solid-state drivers. The new plant is an assembly, testing, marking, and packaging unit (ATMP). It will be located inside an industrial park that is situated outside the premises of Gujrat, India. It will span an area of 93 acres (over 376,000 square meters).

Through this project, several job opportunities will be created. Notably, it will generate 5,000 direct job opportunities. Over the next five years, 15,000 community job prospects will be opened. Ashwini Vaishnaw, the Minister for Communication and IT, shared on their Facebook profile that this is a direct indication of the government’s commitment to constructing a semiconductor facility in the Asian region. In the past, Prime Minister Modi declared that his government would offer 50% support to companies who are interested in building their setups in India.

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