You spend most of your time on YouTube than any other website

Productivity Spot, which examined web traffic from SimilarWeb for more than 1,000 of the most well-known websites worldwide, is the source of this information. They also discovered that YouTube is where most people spend their time. Now, this makes sense on the one hand. You’re presumably watching one or more videos, and they’re probably long videos.

The numbers show that YouTube received 33.57 billion visitors per month, ranking it second only to in terms of traffic. On, visitors stayed for roughly 20 minutes and 22 seconds. In terms of visits per visit, that is twice as long as the other sites. This amount is currently simply per visit. Consequently, each time you access the website or use the app, not the total amount of time, which is probably far greater.

The average amount of time spent on Google and Facebook visits was slightly over 10 minutes. While Wikipedia took only a little under 4 minutes, Instagram took a touch over 8 minutes.

Why so much time on YouTube?

Why do we spend so much time on YouTube these days?

It’s fairly simple. For many millennials, Gen-Z, and even older generations, YouTube has replaced “cable TV”. In the last 10 years or so, cable TV has become incredibly expensive, whereas YouTube is free or $14/month with YouTube Premium and provides a ton of material. include the many free classic television series and films.

You’re searching for videos for that long before you watch any of them. It demonstrates that either individuals watch a lot of short films or shorter videos, or they watch longer films that last between ten and twenty minutes.

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