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Microsoft 365 Basic Subscription For $1.99 Only With 100GB Storage And More Features

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From the end of January, Microsoft will be adding a new “Basic” variant to the subscription offering for its office and cloud services. For the price of $1.99 a month, you get a new subscription that replaces the 100 GB OneDrive option and adds a few useful features.

So far, Microsoft 365, formerly better known as Office 365 – the cloud-oriented version of Office, has only existed in a very manageable number of gradations. Customers can use a free Outlook account for email, five gigabytes of web storage, browser-based versions of Word, and a few other Office tools for free.

The next level has always been Microsoft 365 Personal, which gives access to one terabyte of web storage, Office applications that can be used online and on the desktop, and Outlook for $7 a month. In between, there was a gap that they now want to fill with Microsoft 365.

For $1.99 Outlook without advertising and 100 GB of storage

According to TheVerge, Microsoft Germany provides customers with the basic version with 100 gigabytes of cloud storage for $1.99 a month or a one-off fee of $20 a year. Also included is an ad-free web and mobile version of Outlook with “enhanced security” and Microsoft provides technical support.

This new variant should be available from the end of January. Above all, Microsoft wants to appeal to customers who are already using the free version of Microsoft 365 but are faced with the problem that their cloud storage is full. In addition, they want to introduce them to the more expensive variants, which contain the desktop versions of the Office applications with the full range of functions.

Ultimately, this is also the biggest difference to Microsoft 365 Personal: Word, Excel, PowerPoint & Co are not included in the Basic Edition in the form of desktop software. With the introduction of the Basic version, the name change will also be completed, because from around the beginning of February the name “Office 365” will be largely replaced by the new name.

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